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Living Without Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags

Boland Bottles®
16.10.20223 min read

On the 1st of July 2019, New Zealand banned single-use plastic shopping bags. We are all for this ban and wanted to create a helpful list of tips now that the convenient plastic shopping bag is no longer at hand.

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Boland Bottles®
16.10.20223 min read
Forgot bags

Forgot Your Shopping Bag.

Chances are you've bought re-useable shopping bags, but realised you've left them at home where they're no use to you now you're already at the supermarket.

Instead of just buying another one and accumulating more than you need, after checking out, try re-stacking your groceries into your trolly and packing them straight into the car. Don't forget to secure the milk! When you arrive home, you can grab those hard-to-remember shopping bags from inside to help bring everything in.

If you've left them in your car and have only just realised once you're at the checkout, again, re-stack your groceries into the trolley and fill your bags in the supermarket car park, no need to do that desperate dash back to get them while others queue and wait behind you!

Reusable bags

Remembering Your Shopping Bags.

So, you've made this mistake a few times now and you've face-palmed more times than not when arriving at the supermarket. Here are a few helpful tips to remember them:

  • If you can get into the habit of putting them straight back into the car after you've unloaded your groceries, this is a surefire way to never forget them.
  • Alternatively, try hanging your bags somewhere where you're unlikely to miss seeing them, such as by the front door.
  • Put your keys on top of them so you have no choice but to acknowledge them the next time you need to use the car.
  • Reminder notes can help, try popping one on your car dashboard or on the front door to 'Remember Bags'.
  • If you use a shopping list, put 'Bags' at the top so they're always the first thing you remember.
  • If you're a routine shopper, a digital reminder could be really helpful. Pop a regular 'Don't forget shopping bags' reminder into your mobile phone's calendar to prompt you on the morning of your shopping day (this works great for us!).
Vibrant reusable bags

Vibrant Bags.

When choosing a reusable shopping bag, how about picking one up with a bright and eye-catching colour or design? This will grab your attention so you don't forget them, and it's a nice way to bring a bit of fun to your weekly shop.

40 percent of whales, dolphins and porpoises and 44 percent of seabird species are affected by marine debris ingestion.

Plastic bag in the ocean
Boot bags

Stackable or Collapsible Boot Boxes.

These are a great alternative to your humble shopping bag. Stack them neatly in your car boot and chuck them in the trolley for your next shop.

They will generally hold more items than a bag and make it really easy to sort your pantry, fridge / freezer, cleaning etc. items as you go.

Hand bag

eep a Handy Compact Shopping Bag in Your Handbag or Man Bag.

Not driving and stopping off at the supermarket on your way home?

Whether it’s by Foot, Bike, Scooter, Bus, Train or Plane, keeping a compact shopping bag on you can make getting everything home a lot easier. Just pop one (or more!) in your bag, and you'll be shopping ready whenever you need it!